The NEW Trinity Talk Format

January 14, 2010

Trinity Talk began on June 13th, 2009. We were hosted by Blogtalkradio provided the right forum for us to begin our venture. We were not sure where it would lead and after almost 30 episodes and interviews, Trinity Talk received a great response. Some of our more popular interviews received over 500 downloads. Blogtalk Radio also provided a Live audience. Many listened to our shows weekly on Mondays from 1-1:45PM (CT). However, the live audience was negligible in comparison to the overwhelming listenership via iTunes and mp3 downloads after the live show.

In order to provide a more concise and information-packed show, we decided to make Trinity Talk into a podcast. This will allow us to edit our interviews and make them easily accessible for all listeners in a 15-25 minute format. The podcast can be downloaded as mp3 or via iTunes.  In this fast-paced internet world, time is important. In order to honor your time, we hope Trinity Talk will be a small, but informative and insightful part of your week.

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