Imitating God in Christ: An Interview with Jason Hood

December 12, 2013

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“Jesus came to share our clay and restore our royalty. He is the human who brings humanity back to God and the world back to humanity,” says pastor and author, Jason Hood. On this interview, I talk to Jason about what it means to imitate the God of the Bible and why the Bible places such an emphasis on imitation. We also discuss the potential misunderstandings concerning imitation theology, namely, the accusation that it implies a form of merit theology. We further discuss whether the biblical characters in the Old Testament are meant to be imitated and what role does suffering play in the biblical pattern of imitation.

Purchase Jason’s book: Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing a Biblical Pattern

Interview length: 20 minutes

Jason Hood is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and an Anglican pastor at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church in Moshi, Tanzania. His past experience includes teaching OT at the graduate level for Union University and teaching secondary school in the inner city in Memphis. Imitating God in Christ is his second book, and his other published work includes articles for journals such as the Journal of Biblical Literature and the Westminster Theological Journal as well as online pieces for Christianity Today, Books and Culture, and the Center for Pastor Theologians.

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