Interview with Wayne Hays, author of Daily Fight: One Year of Daily Bible Readings

Get stout defense for your family with the help of Daily Fight. This daily lectionary is meatier than the average devotional, and will help equip you and your family to live with vitality and courage before…


Interview with David Koyzis on Authority, Office, and the Image of God

This book argues that authority cannot be identified with mere power, is not to be played off against freedom, and is not a mere social construction. Rather it is resident in an office given us by God himsel…


Interview with Matt Bianco: “Letters to My Sons”

From “Letters to My Sons:”

“Once upon a time, fathers had “the talk” with their sons. They used to say it was the talk about “the birds and the bees.” As a young man, I had tha…


Dismissing Jesus: An Interview with Douglas Jones

Doug Jones begins his book with the following words:
I am spiritually blind. Conservative Christian and blind. I am one of the many who followed the broad path and said to Jesus “I will follow you” but d…


The Trinitarian Father: An Interview with Uri Brito

On this episode, Jarrod Richie interviews co-host, Uri Brito, on his new book The Trinitarian Father. Pastor Brito gives an overview of the book as well as tell us what readers should expect as they begin to…


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Bible Matrix with Mike Bull, Part 2

   Bible Matrix with Mike Bell, Part 2 [14:24m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download We conclude our series with graphic designer and author, Mike Bull on his book, “Bible Matrix: An Introduction to the DNA of Scriptures”. Go and visit Mike Bull’s Blog. Our thanks to Mike for his willingness to talk about his book! Hope you find this profitable and enjoyable.

Bible Matrix with Mike Bull

   Bible Matrix with Mike Bull [9:55m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download In this episode we feature an interview with Michael Bull, author of “Bible Matrix: An Introduction to the DNA of the Scriptures”. Our thanks to Mike for taking the time to talk about his book.
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